Alternative Dispute Resolution


We recognize the advantages latent with the realm of alternative dispute resolution and understand the benefits of resolving commercial and personal conflicts that may arise. Barlow Garsek & Simon, LLP provides a range of alternative dispute resolution services as both advocates and mediators and arbitrators. BGS attorneys provide the parties with their thorough knowledge of the law and use techniques to allow parties to decide their own fate in mediation or allow them to do so in arbitration. BGS attorneys mediate and arbitrate in the following areas, among others, banking, business, commercial, construction, employment, estate and probate, family, intellectual property, labor, personal injury, real estate, and sports matters. BGS attorneys have received appointments to serve as neutrals for American Arbitration Association (AAA), National Arbitration Forum (Forum), Construction Dispute Resolution Services (CDRS), United States Council for International Business (USCIB), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), American Health Lawyers Association DRS, Alternative Dispute Resolution Services International, and Resolute Systems. In addition to mediation and arbitration, BGS attorneys are available to serve as early neutral evaluators, private judges, referees, umpires, and special masters.

If you are a party to a mediation to be conducted by Barlow Garsek & Simon, LLP, please complete our Mediation Questionnaire and forward it to us via the email or by fax to (817) 731-6200 at least three days prior to your mediation.

Attorneys practicing in this practice group are:

Elliott S. Garsek