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April 19, 2021

NCAA One-Time Transfer Rule Expanded to All Athletes in Division I Sports

In May 2012, I was interviewed by the Associated Press […]
September 10, 2020

Disability Insurance and Loss of Value Insurance in the COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new legal hurdles that are […]
June 9, 2020

Radwan v. UConn: UConn Had Sufficient Cause to Terminate Radwan’s Scholarship for “Flipping the Bird” at an ESPNU Camera following a Soccer Game in 2014

This case arises out of events following a soccer game […]
March 26, 2020
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Governor of Colorado Signs Name, Image, and Likeness Bill into Law

On March 20, 2020, Governor Jared S. Polis signed Colorado […]
September 30, 2019

Will the California Fair Pay to Play Act Survive a Constitutional Challenge Filed by the NCAA?

Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom executed California Senate Bill 206, commonly […]
April 11, 2017

Maloney v. T3Media Inc: Student-Athlete Right of Publicity Claims Preempted by the Copyright Act

Maloney v. T3Media, Inc.: Student-Athlete Right of Publicity Claims Preempted […]